• XPA-150A
  • High Performance Audio Power Amplifier Module
  • The XPA-150A is a very high quality professional audio power amplifier module designed and engineered to cover a wide range of applications from domestic Hi Fi and amplified speakers, to the most demanding professional audio installations.

  • Output Power
  • The XPA-150A produces 80 watts @ 8 ohms and 150 watts @ 4 ohms continuously. That's right, 100% duty cycle without a fan! This is indeed sufficient power for most audio power applications while maintaining first class performance. This high duty cycle capability not only makes the XPA-150A an ideal amplifier for applications that would be abusive to conventional audio amplifiers but also results in exceptional long term reliability.

  • THD
  • The XPA-150A has remarkably low THD. At 1Khz it measures in at 0.0005%! Yes, that is VERY low. Even at 10khz it only rises to about 0.008%.

    We will be publishing articles on this site to go into more detail about the XPA-150A and our other wonderful products as time allows, but for now you can email any questions you have to: techsupport@quimperelectronic.com

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