• QES Sound Systems

  • QES now offers a completely original concept in custom sound reinforcement systems including functions that are not available anywhere else.

    Our near-field techniques distribute the main stage mix to the audience using a large array of low powered, high quality, precisely controlled speakers and amplifiers. Traditionally a pair of large speakers projecting from the stage fail in their attempt to deliver quality sound to the entire audience. Our near-field approach addresses the normally uncontrollable variables by delivering carefully tailored sound close enough to the individual listeners to render most of the room acoustic problems negligible.

    Because we design, engineer, and manufacture most of the assemblies and components used in our systems, we have great control and flexibility regarding specific system formats and requirements. Venues can range from your living room, small pubs and restaurants to large concert halls, movie theatres, outdoor venues and more. Our in-house production and local sourcing priorities also lead to exceptional control of overall product quality.

  • QES Sound Systems Features
  • QES products include designs capable of capturing the beloved nostalgic effects of analog tape, tube guitar amplifiers, vintage power amplifiers, preamplifiers, mixing consoles and more. Our products perform with an unprecedented quality thanks to our proprietary analog circuits. Unique analog signal processing techniques developed by QES accomplish state of the art performance while artfully recreating the qualities of older equipment that have been lost in modern mass produced gear.

    QES sound systems designed for music oriented venues are based on the complete absence of conventional guitar amplifiers, stage monitors, misc. clutter and obsolete gear in general.

    We have developed guitar amplification devices that eliminate the need for the usual stage format. With few exceptions this would include some sort of archaic guitar amplifiers with microphones placed in front of them to be fed into the house mixing console. We believe that this practice belongs in the past and we are confident that we can address all of the needs of guitarists regarding tone, dynamics, amplification and more by simply having them connect to a QES guitar interface feeding into the sound system. The QES stage format only requires musicians to bring their instrument(s) of choice and possibly their favorite effects pedals that easily and properly interface with our systems. Vocalists will also benefit from our vocal tone and dynamics processing techniques.

    Professional audio production engineers will find QES equipped venues to be of great benefit to their industry. QES systems are designed to provide multi-tracked source recordings which are filtered and dynamically processed at the venue for quick and easy post production. This allows the performers to leave the venue with professional quality source recordings (stems) in hand. This is also of great benefit to anyone video taping or filming performances as QES provides high quality natural sounding audio recordings premixed for synchronizing to any video format.