• Introducing The First Authorized Retrofier Dealer!
  • We are very proud to announce that Crossroads Music in Port Townsend WA is our first authorized dealer!

    We look forward to great success with this new business relationship.

    Who They Are

    In 1996, Crossroads Music began as a mom & pop musical instrument shop in the quaint Victorian seaport of Port Townsend WA. The town of about 10,000 people has become home to many musicians, luthiers, painters, published writers, world-class orchestra bow makers and many other artists and craftsmen.

    Crossroads Music offers "Quality Musical Instruments for All Levels" and has become the destination music store on the Olympic Peninsula for North American made instruments. This includes locally hand crafted guitars, ukuleles, resonator guitars, and banjos.

    Crossroads Music is a full service musical instrument store offering on-site music lessons, expert repairs, quality rental instruments, CD duplication, PA systems, and now the Retrofier combo guitar amplifiers from QES.

    Port Townsend's Musical Instrument Building Roots

    Port Townsend is currently home to 7 luthiers (instrument builders) and 5 violin bow makers. Port Townsend's musical instrument building roots date back to the late 1800s. Chris Knutsen, an immigrant from Norway moved to Port Townsend in 1895 and built his prototype, the "One-Arm" guitar (the harp guitar). One year later, he was granted a patent for the "One-Arm" guitar, one of which Crossroads Music owns.

    Port Townsend's first Guitar Amplifier Manufacturer

    Quimper Electronic Systems LLC(QES) was founded in 2013 by Debra and George Kay based on Debra's vision of a company built around George's unique audio engineering designs and techiques.

    After 2 years of reorganizing George's existing business (GKsoundworks), it's shop, inventory, lab, etc., into a company that could launch and grow without the need for investors or significant startup capital, development of the new combo guitar amplifier began. After only 3 months of intense development and production, the Retrofier made it's debut at the Uptown Pub and Grill in Port Townsend WA on 27 March 2015.

    We are all proud to have Crossroads Music as the first authorized dealer of the latest addition to Port Townsend's musical legacy. Stop in today to test drive the all new Retrofier

    More information about the all new Retrofier combo amp

  • The Retrofier at the May 2015 Tacoma Guitar Festival!
  • We would like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth for taking the time to "pick up" a Retrofier and listen to George demonstrate its astonishing "better than tube" tone and dynamics. You all had us very busy answering a wide range of good questions.

  • The festival was incredible! We could not imagine that we would have so few opportunities to take a break from playing demo bits and explaining where the incredible sound of the Retrofier comes from.

    There was a constant flow of VERY curious musicians for the entire show. We found that the most common response upon actually hearing the amplifier was, "no tubes?, really?" or "how are you doing that?"

    If you remember the Guitar Show Special that we offered, we will continue to honor that for you until the first of August 2015. We now accept all major credit cards, so please call our sales office during normal business hours at 360-379-0182 to order your new Retrofier! Or, if you live on the Olympic Peninsula, please visit Crossroads Music in Port Townsend WA.